What I see is so many god’s in one area and as I have traveled all over the world so many gods there. All easy to disbelieve and see many holes in but they are ingrained into the society of that area. How long before we one day realize these gods do not exists or is this our dinosaur day waiting to happen. Can we be built to be so disillusioned into believing  a god or gods will save us if we stop moving forward and worship them. People come to great and small crisis in life and sure enough god or gods saved them for some reason. Our human race is built to deceive our logic I believe. We refuse to move forward and embrace an unknown future for the sake of religion and hope it will be as it is written and passed down in their area. Can we wake up and start a new way of surviving today?  I see a new movement to try and remove religion as a sore that has done any thing but helped man kind. I also see the religious factors have decided to prepare for war against those who think differently than them. Not verbal war but old fashioned kill you war and justify it in the name of their gods or god.  http://www.offthegridnews.com/category/radio/ This is just one faction of many that are preparing to defend themselves from those who they believe will bring them harm. The whole concept is propaganda but when has that been new to religion. According to them science and athiest are the cause of there concern. We apparently want to put them in concentration camps and hurt them. Yea !  that is a logical, NOT!. With this  they have seem to have enlisted a good many people, Using fear and the religion view of their god is all they need to set in motion a split and then what? This is the same fanatics we are fighting over seas now. One day we will develop past this stage I hope and move on to survival of our race as a whole.